Project Bids Tracking Template

If you are asking for project bids on the public sector  then you must be aware of the fact that it is very time consuming to go through each and every project bid. Moreover, it is always a critical task to compare all bid proposals and then select the best one. Here is a Project Bids Tracking Template created using MS Excel 2013 that can easily assist you in this very task. It allows you to list down all project bids and then compare them on different attributes to come up with the best one to be selected. This comparison sheet will allow you to input different parameters of each project bid proposal such as Date Received, Bid Amount and the Percent Complete (the critical factor as if it addresses all the questions raised in RFP (Request for Proposal) ). 

Here is detailed preview of this Project Bids Tracking Template,

Project Bids Tracking Template

Here is its download link Project Bids Tracking Template,

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